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Don't drop the baby

When I saw this happen I felt so bad for the father of that baby (I assume it is the father). I'm not sure what feels worse. Doing something stupid that hurts your baby, or having the baby reach for you because she is in pain.

Liam had a difficult weekend. His allergies are bothering him, he is having a hard time breathing and he's been whining non-stop. I got so frustrated with it that I snapped at him on Saturday. Today, he laid on my chest for most of the day because he felt like crap. I then felt like crap for snapping at him the day before. Seeing this video again (I forgot I had it) makes me realize how much being a father has changed me. That funny feeling you get in your stomach when your baby (or anyone's baby) gets hurt. I thought that feeling was only for roller coaster rides.

The big Race

This is better than Nascar!