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My Dream as a Father

I grew up with out a father. I knew of him and he briefly came into my life when I was very young, but he was never a part of my life. My father figures were my coaches in sports and my mom, aunt and grandmother.

I wanted to make sure that when I had a son, that I’d give him all the love and bonding that I never got from my dad. The concept is simple really. Your children are an extension of your flesh and blood. You are there to raise them, protect the and love them. It is easy for me to say my dad is a chicken shit who lacked common sense.

Even without a father, I was always the sports stud. The sport didn’t matter; I was great at it (golf not included). Even so, I could have been better at everything. What if my dad would have thrown the ball with me in the back yard? What if he would have taught me how to run the football and tackle people? What if I didn’t have to teach myself all these things by watching others do this? Would I have been NFL or MLB material? Maybe, I can’t really say for sure. What I can do is take the mistakes that my father made and stick them up his ass.

Liam is coming into his own. He’s not the baby anymore. The other day I was playing ball with him and he played back. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I felt for the first time that I was giving him something I never had and it felt great. He’s got this copy cat thing going on right now and it is very cool. If I go in the yard and kick a ball around, he’ll do the same. If I try to run and balance on the curbing, he’ll do that same. I know this will come back to bite me eventually, but it freaking cool.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some video of Liam and I breaking some rules and playing catch in the house:

I want a Cadillac CTS

In fact, every time I see one on the road or on those commercials with that sexy red head I do this:

Poof, you have a sister!

Liam loves his sister. He constantly wants to hold her, kiss her and be around her. When she cries, he shows concern. It’s really neat to observe this behavior. The problem is its an interruption to his daily routine. He takes this frustration on us the parents. So far, its been manageable. We did a professional photo shoot yesterday and I thought I was going to pull my hair out. Poopu diapers, screaming babies and acting like a little devil… I hear that he shares some of my own similarities when I was that age. He’s acting out towards us but no worries, its seems to be a cry for attention. He still wants to be the baby but he’s not anymore; he’s the big boy.

I read that this blows over. I hope it blows over soon. Do the terrible twos last for days, weeks, months or years?  

Kennadie Hope Coover

Born on January 7th, 2009. She was 8lbs, 8oz and a screaming bundle of joy.


Click here to see a slideshow of her first few pictures.

Click here to compare Kennadie’s first pictures to Liam’s first pictures.

Male labor...

It's 1:18, 42 degrees out, and I'm sleeping in my van...


Darth Vader

 Maybe this is how it all started... He was a young Jedi knight and a hero. Maybe it wasnt Palpatine who forces him to the dark side. Maybe, just maybe, he had asthma and needed alburterol treatments and liked the way he sounded...
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Christmas, 2008

Christmas was fun this year. It was a little easier to hang lights now that Liam is a big boy:

It turned out great:

Almost as good as our neighbors:

Opening gifts was a blast:

Robin got gum stuck in her hair:

We found America's next top model:

Played apples to apples:

And crashed the train: