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A real-life cone-head

 I thought it was just a movie...
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Mister Potato Head

 I think most people can agree that Mister Potato Head is a classic. I find it amazing when I see things that last for generations. It is not often that someting you played with as a kid, or thought was cool at some time in your life, will be appreciated in the same way by your children. Someone got Liam a Mister Potato Head (Giant) that had Mister Potato Head's and mini Mister Potato Head's inside of it. In the spacious toy room I call our house, it seems like there are bits and pieces of this spud everywhere. I suspect the reason Liam loves this toy so much is because he's got a builders mind. He's always trying to construct things and then knock them down. Also, this toy has many features. For example, the giant hat is really cool when spun on a finger. Even cooler when you spin it on the tile like a top. Even cooler then that when you spin it like a top and put the mini spuds in it. Even the cousins get in on the action.

Can you keep a secret?

Do you think anyone would notice that my child is smoking marijuana? Shhhh, don't say anything!

P.S. picture was taken @ the Santan Mall pimp slide.
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