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Cranial Tech DOC Band, Part two

** Update: Read part one here **

I know this post is late; it's been 228 days, or 7 months and 13 days, or 32 weeks, or 5,4725 hours, since my first post about Liam and his DOC Band.
For anyone that knows Liam, knows that he is an amazing kid. It is easy for me to say that as his father, but I think everyone knows it. I like to think that he turned out this way because Crystal and I are great parents, and made a life changing decision for Liam very early is his young life.
So here we are, almost seven months after I first talked about Liam's DOC Band and Crystal and I couldn't be happier. His head turned out great! I think that it far exceeds any expectations that we ever had. The shape is nearly perfect, there are no side effects to report, and we paid off that expensive piece of plastic and foam. Life is good!

I could write for a very long time about how pleased we are with CrainialTech. I'll spare you the ling winded post and keep it simple. They rock! Every time we went in we were treated like precious people. I never waited, I was never help up longer than expected and I never felt rushed. I would highly recommend the DOC Band to any family whose child needs head shape correction.
We did a poor job of taking before and after pictures:




Hello, Mr. Billy Coover!

My name is Guilherme and I'm from Brazil.
I've decided making contact with you, because a found out some really precious stuff when I was reading your blog.

First of all, I would like to thank you. Your blog shows that you are not just a great father, but a trully nice person, because you don't quit helping other people with your advices and detailed informations about an important issue.

I came to it by seaching Google's results for plagiocephaly, because my wife a I noticed our's baby daughter head was becaming flat.
When I's reading your post about the problem, I could not help being moved, because you told just the same things we were feeling!!

At first, we thaugt it's our fault, because we could be laying her down too much. Then, after taking her to the pediatrician, we managed stop blaming ourselves.

But the news were not so good! I say so because the doctor said our baby's problem (Brachycephaly)is just a aesthetic issue with no recommended treatment!! It's because, she said, the only treatment available is surgery and it wouldn't be reasonable puting our baby under all surgery's risks just because of a flat head!!! Can you believe that?!

So, searching on the internet, I found out about the Doc Band, but only in the USA or Europe! It seems to be completely unknown here in Brazil and we don't have one Cranial Tech here!

And that's why I'm bothering you! I'd like to ask you for some help with some further informations.

Do you think you could send me an e-mail, so I could contact you more easily and ask you just a few questions about the treatment with Doc Band?

We need to learn more about it, so we can be able to decide if it's possible for us to take our baby to a Cranial Tech clinic. We have a friend who leaves in America and could host us during the treatment, but I don't have a clue about how long it usualy is.

My daughter is now eight months old and her brachycephaly is not very severe, although it can be noticed. At this age, do you have any idea about how long her treatment is expected to last?

Aside for the $3.000,00 fee, you said there was no more charges for you. Is that correct? Didn't you have to pay for the other appointments? And the bands were replaced for a new one each time, or they make some ajusts on the same band?

Well, my questions are mostly like these. If you think it's not going to bother you too much, please contact me. I promise we are not take much of your time.

After all, a dad who is clearly so impassioned for his son, needs all time he can get to keep being able to follow the kid's daily progress.

Congratulations! You and your wife are doing a great job!

Thak you very much.

Guilherme. (My name is dificult to speak for those who speak english, but it means William in portuguese. So, my nickname here is Gui, wich is something like Bill or your "Billy" at the countries were people speak english!)

My e-mail is

P.S.: Sorry about my mistakes, but my English's not very good, YET!


Meat said...


Thank you for your kind words! I posted these blog entries because when we were trying to make our decision I could not find any useful stories from other people. It was mostly marketing materiel and or conversations on if someone should do it or now. I was looking for a real life story and simply could not find one.